Mauritius Gymkhana Club

The Snooker section of the club used to be at the Club House formerly and had been moved to the gym.  The Snooker section also joined a Federation and national competitions were held with the participation of local teams and clubs. The All India Championships were also organised at the Club.

Steve Davis, 7 times World Champion, visited the Club twice in the past.

Club members have won several times the National championship and they were proud ambassadors to represent the country at continental and world tournaments.

Darts, besides being a popular crowd puller for a round at the bar, has 'its" night on every Thursday.  In fact, the Dart's Night brings along special pub menu, special Happy Hour and cosy ambiance at the bar with a live band.  Quite often in the past, the Club had produced tams winning trophies against other clubs and visiting crews.